The List

Core is built for you, the Y World. We built it hand in hand with an association studying every role and getting feedback. This allowed us to learn how they should operate and what could be made smoother.  When we launched CORE that process didn’t end, and we feel like that mindset actually expanded, and its benefits. Not only are we continually receiving feedback from all of the Y associations running on CORE, but we went a step further.  We give our associations a tangible and trackable “say” in what we develop.  We built a custom solution that we refer to as the List.  The List enables an association to submit a new feature or modify an existing feature.  Each user (from the front desk to the CEO) gets some votes depending on their role. They can use the “votes” on the items on the List to help guide our development.  So when we get the compliment that we’ve “built the top member management system for the Y world” – we chuckle because you guys really were the brains behind it.  Thank you for believing in us and contributing to our product, if you aren’t on CORE, but you’re ready to see what the buzz is about, get in touch with us.