A platform built from the

We take charge of issues that are time sensitive and our support is first class.

Because the Y is our top priority, we give our associations a “vote” in what we develop next. It’s called the list.

After working with YMCA’s of every shape and size across the country over the last two years, we began hearing a lot of the same frustrations. “My membership management system…

  • already costs too much
  • the price keeps going up
  • it isn’t user friendly
  • doesn’t help my members
  • doesn’t work well with my website
  • overpromises, underdelivers
  • they seem unwilling to change
  • I can’t get in touch with customer support

We listened, we learned, and then we built Core

About CORE

CORE stemmed from the idea of a membership management system, into an eco-system of awesome features that our YMCA’s felt would make their associations, just better.  You once had to find a website provider, a fundraising system, a sports management platform etc., but quite a few of those things are just included with CORE.  

The more that we worked on CORE, the more we realized how much advancement we could bring to the Y world.  The balance was figuring out how to keep the cost for CORE as low as possible.  Our YMCA’s operate as a light in the darkness of society, by helping our communities they provide a service that we aim to support.  We get the vision of the Y and we really are here to help.

Award Winning Platform

Sure we can sponsor events or advertise all over the place, but what really matters the most are the Y’s that continue to have a wonderful experience with our platform.  As of 2020, has rated CORE as the #1 Membership Management & Association Platform.

First Class Support

Live chat access for ALL staff members with an average response time of less than 1 minute.  We use data points to track how much support is needed at what times for all sizes of associations. Any curve ball that you think your association could throw us, we’re ready to catch.

Member First Design

Every part of CORE was designed by our YMCA’s. We spend time with each position at the Y and developed CORE with that in mind. It’s easy for staff to use, yet it’s also easy for members to use. Signing up for a program, finding a class or joining online shouldn’t require special training

The Dashboard

Perfect for the front desk or the CEO, we deliver different dashboards for different positions within your association.  All dashboard data is in realtime and mobile friendly so that you can see what’s happening in your Y from anywhere.  Click here to see a sample dashboard.

Dashboard YMCA Member Management


In certain instances, your association will need to have reservations for group exercise and facility usage like your swimming pool area. Core allows these reservations to easily be made online and at no extra cost to your YMCA.   Members can access this through our web solution and member integration that is included with Core.

Reservations YMCA Membership Management

Digital Waivers

Instead of your members having to sign with a pen, Core can send the signature request to the member’s mobile device in real-time.  The member can then easily sign their own device for a touchless experience.

YMCA Digital Waivers for Members


We make campaigns so much easier with full member management integration, text-to-give, mobile donations, and customized campaigner pages. You can also see the progress in realtime.  Learn more about our fundraising within CORE.

Donor Engagement

A benefit to having fundraising built into our membership management is the natural ability for your association to use the data.  With CORE, your association will have a donor badge on the member’s profile and the branch directors can receive a text when a large donor enters the branch.

Smart Device Check-in

Your members can now use a smart device to check-in (smart phone or smart watch) and CORE does not require a member to download an additional app. CORE also utilizes Apple’s proximity notifications and your members will love it. That means that Apple devices automatically pop-up the check-in ID once the member arrives at your YMCA location.

Smart Device Check in YMCA

Web Integration

CORE can integrate with your current website or we now offer a fully integrated, mobile friendly, Y branded website that can replace your existing site. The best part, no matter if you choose the integration or the Y brand website, it is included as part of our Software Suite. Learn more about our Web Integration.

The Kiosk

Even though your members can sign up for classes and programs from any desktop, tablet or mobile device, we also have a Kiosk that simplifies the entire process and it can scan their ID right there in your lobby area during high traffic times.  The Kiosk interface is also included with CORE, you just purchase the very reasonably priced hardware.

Kiosk YMCA

Online Scholarship Application

If your scholarships were created with ink on paper, those days are long gone. Let your members apply for scholarship applications, easily bill them and add them to the roster once the application is approved.

Sports Management

Has your association been paying per participant for sports management? How about just using paper to organize your sports programs? Our first digital product was YGametime, it can be purchased separately or it’s included with CORE at no charge.  Our sports management platform has preloaded artwork, “Y branded” color schemes, roster building, schedule building, alerts, tournaments, cross branch leagues and much more. Learn more about YGametime.

"Switching to Core has been overwhelmingly positive for our association. We finally have full visibility and control of our data. We are more efficient with our processes and are able to take on projects that we didn't have time for before. Core has made our employee’s jobs easier which translates directly to the Y experience for our members. Reclique aided us through the entire implementation process, allowing us to “go live” in a matter of weeks. The support through the bubble has been a complete lifesaver. Whether we use the bubble for a simple question, to share an idea, or to brainstorm an entire business process, the Reclique team is always there to help. This is a team that understands the YMCA world and genuinely wants to help each association achieve its goals."
Jeni Ludwigson