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Core Management Software

Some companies start with a product; we started with the Y. We met with and listened to every position in the Y, from the CEO to the front desk. We spent hours consulting the finance team and directors at every level, and days sitting at the front desk asking questions and watching their workflow. We spent time engaged with members in order to find out what they wanted and needed. Out of those discussions, CORE was born; we are now proudly serving our local association, The Family YMCA of Greater Augusta. Every day we make small, medium, and large changes as we continue listening to the needs of their staff. We have big dreams of what comes next: a fully integrated website, increased member participation in annual campaigns, a front desk "sales" training solution, and a long list of features designed to help employees serve their members.

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YGAMETIME Sports Management

In 2014, as a board member at our local Y and last minute soccer coach for my daughter's team, I ran into a number of problems. By no fault of the directors, the program lacked the tools needed for success. As a result of my experience, my partners and I spent time with our local Sports Directors listening to them so that we could build a sports system that was exactly what they wanted and needed. From those conversations YGametime was created and quickly spread across the country to other YMCAs. YGametime now serves more than 60 branches and tens of thousands of families. More importantly, the program saves countless hours for Sports Directors, allowing them to focus on people - not a computer. Even better, the software improves more and more as more Ys get involved.

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Team Lean Weight Loss Competition

Less than a year after our first project with the Y, our local association came to us and asked for help with a decade-long weight loss competition called Team Lean. It is the largest Healthy Living initiative in our area with close to 1,000 participants annually. Prior to our involvement, it required hundreds, if not thousands, of man hours manually inputting, calculating and tracking weight loss, and event attendance. It was a heavy burden at almost every level in the association. With automation of the process, results are now displayed in real time. Instead of a massive team, a few people can now manage the program and participants can access their information from anywhere at any time.

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