A Powerful Approach to managing childcare
Wish that that you could view your childcare participants by an hourly roster so that you could better prepare for your day?

See the participants by the branch, by the hour, in the past or the future. Core can help you better prepare.

Giving the attention that Childcare needs

Most of our customers view childcare and after school care as cornerstone programs. When we built Core, we made it simple, proficient and capable of handling any size of an association.  Core structures childcare as a program that with some powerful features that we’ve listed below.

Payment Processing and Scheduling

CORE can automatically schedule and process your member’s childcare dues.  Members can sign in to their account, manage their payment methods and even pay for past due items.

Digital Signature Collection

Drop-off and pick-up signatures can be collected from parents digitally using a touchscreen or mouse, and are included in rosters and reports for easy verification.

Flexible Setup

The differences between associations do require a flexible approach, especially with childcare. Programs can be configured by daily, weekly, or monthly intervals.  They can handle, special events, school days out as well as overnight and day camps.

Tax Statements

Summaries of tax-deductible childcare payments are automatically generated by the system, and can be emailed out to parents or accessed by them directly through their online account accessible through Core’s web solution.

Rate Plans

If we’re going to be flexible, then we also need flexible rate plans. Our custom rate plans allow for a variety of pricing packages based on your member’s needs. 

Program Question Maker

The information collected from parents during registration is fully customizable using a robust, user-friendly form building tool.  Those answers are made available through our digital sign in/out tool, printed information sheets and our roster export.

ymca childcare

Online Registration

In addition to conventional staff-assisted registration at the front desk or over the phone, parents can shop the list of available childcare options online. They can sign in, register and pay on their own through Core’s powerful, web solution (included at no extra charge with Core).


One major member benefit that almost every Y offers is Childwatch, if your association offers Childwatch to your members then CORE has the tools to help.  We make it the process simple and as easy as you would expect it to be.

Hourly Roster

View any branch and program by the hour. See the program capacity and view the roster in realtime, historical data or even to future if the child has signed up for program. This helps staff to prepare for any special needs or medical concerns.  Of course you can see these rosters in the future or past using date ranges.

YMCA Childcare Roster

Kiosk Check-in

An optional simplified check-in interface allows parents to look up their own childcare registrations for the day and check their child in without staff assistance. Our Kiosk software interface is included with Core and the Kiosk is assembled with affordable, non-proprietary hardware (your Association can purchase as many as they need).

"Our afterschool collections are going crazy good because of Core. Just one of our branches is up $150,000 in two months compared to last year"
Joel Smoker