Based on Feedback from Y’s just like yours

Core leads the pack of providers – Ys save up to 40% on our membership management.

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First of all, we want to thank our Associations...

Without all of you guys… this wouldn’t be possible. You helped us to build Core from the ground up. You told us how an optimum membership management platform should work and shared with us the features that associations actually needed that are specific to the Y world. You guys were beside us, even when we were just getting this platform off the ground. You trusted us and we did our best to be everything that you guys hoped that we would be. The YMCA is an organization that we’re proud to help. In dark times, you bring a light to your community, we believe in that critical mission and we’re here for you.

We’d like to introduce, a highly respected software review entity tasked with collecting data from the YMCAs to discover which platform they most prefer. As of 2020, we’ve got some exciting news to share…

How do our competitors rank?

Many of our competitors are also ranked within and if you’re not yet on Core,  you may find your current provider on the list below.  See the list on

Is Core really that much better?

Below you can see a data quadrant produced by  The data correlates product features and satisfaction with vendor experience and capabilities.  See Core in the top right corner in comparison to several of the competitors who have more than 10 reviews. 

1RECLIQUE CORE8.89.3+9788%16
4MEMBER 3656.87.2+7371%11

So why does Core score so well?

Of course we prefer that our associations be the ones to tell you, but since you asked (we’re all blushing)… We have one of the most advanced and easy-to-use platforms in the world of membership management. We have a history of saving Y’s up to 40% on their costs for membership management. 

Our Emotional Footprint

Based on the data gathered from Info-Tech Research Group, Core scored a +97 on the “Emotional Footprint.” Our takeaway from that is even though Core functions extremely well, our users love the product and the team behind it. See the quadrant below, but you may also see it here on 

In Conclusion

We are honored to have our associations report on their experience with our software platform.  It’s tough to measure the impact that we have as we work with our Y’s on a daily basis.  Though Core had 15 reviews, we have over 60 YMCA associations on board with us, from independent to YNAN. 

"Our afterschool collections are going crazy good because of Core. Just one of our branches is up $150,000 in two months compared to last year"
Joel Smoker