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Are your members getting what they are used to from the rest of the web

Our member-first solution ensures that all of our interactions start with the most important thing to your association: Your Members

Your Next Y Website

Everyone spends most of their time in the web because of how fast the internet has adapted to solve most of our needs. Our background for the past decade has been to build front end interactions for many different industries so when we started building ReClique Core we knew we had to build a system that easily integrates into your association’s website and member interactions.  YMCA’s that use CORE, the Member Management Suite, get an amazing, Y-branded website that’s part of CORE. We also understand if you like your current website, we seamlessly integrate with those as well.

Some hard questions to ask yourself

websites for the ymca

With CORE, your website visitors can signup and become members through your website. Not only can they become members, but they can interact with your YMCA through the web platform. Our industry leading smart search helps visitors to find the program or class that they’ve been looking for even if they miss the spelling. Your members can easily sign up for classes, programs and participate in your built-in fundraising capability that is also included with CORE. Those members can also view billing and update payment methods as well.

2 Ways to integrate your operations and website

We understand your members need to easily be able to create and manage their accounts., register for programs, make payments, print receipts, make donations, find classes. All of these are can be managed in Core and we offer 2 ways to seamlessly integrate with your www domain.

Into your current website

If you are happy with your current site we can help you set up the connection to our system to provide a seamless member experience that adapts to your site.  Our content is Y-branded so it will fit nicely with your current web solution.

Get a Y-branded Site

Core includes a public facing Y-branded website. You can manage all your images, content, menus, pages, etc. All with templates purpose built for your association and brand standards.  It’s an easy answer to the web. 

Fully Brand Compliant

We speak the lingo; we know what `cachet` is. So our template is built for what your association needs. You can select the colors and everything updates as it should.

Powerful and Easy to use Frontend Editor

Editing web pages is not always easy. Even some of the leading editors out there are difficult to use. Our editor is easy to use for even novice content managers while being powerful enough to let creative editors achieve anything they can dream of.

Mobile Friendly

Over 70% of your traffic is coming from mobile devices. Enough said.

best ymca website

Other awesome member integrations


Apple Wallet

You can send your member a pass to their Apple device (iPhone, iPod, iWatch) for them to easily enter their branch. It’s even geofenced so it pulls up when they walk up to the building. Without having to download any apps.

Self Service Member Kiosk

Free up your front desk by offering a self service device at your branch for members to register for programs, pay balances and donate. All while teaching your users how easy the can do all these from home.

Text messaging

Text messaging is integrated into the system so you can easily send passes to members and get text alerts to your staff based on notifications that you set. We can also set up a text to give to help your fundraising campaigns!
"Choosing the right software is a challenging task for YMCA’s. We found CORE and it is the perfect fit for our organization. They are a high tech company that has figured out the needs of Y’s – big and small. Their support is top notch and I would highly recommend them to any other Y. It’s the best software on the market!"
Bret Olson