At any point, if any YMCA Staff has a question they can “bubble” the Reclique support team.

Because the Y is our top priority, we give our associations a “vote” in what we develop next.  It’s called the list.

Fundraising in the Y World

Everyone within the YMCA knows that fundraising is a big part of what goes on at the Y.  The owners of Reclique have been directly involved with annual campaigns, sat on boards and we knew that we could make the process better. For starters, most fundraising “systems” are third party, that means that your YMCA would need to adapt to however the third party could best integrate into your association. That also means that you’ll need to pay for their services and sometimes pay extra for the tools that you need to best utilize the fundraising platform.  

It seems so complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. When we built CORE we knew that fundraising was a crucial portion of what we needed to provide to our YMCA’s and we knew that it had to be done right.  So instead of an “add on” program or offering our fundraising as a separate third party system, fundraising is fully integrated with our membership management platform and there’s no charge to use it.  

Member Access

Every member has access to fundraising within their own profile in CORE under donations, where your members can keep track of pledges and easily make a donation.  Your member’s profile is accessible through your Y website or access through our Y branded website that Reclique also provides at no charge for those Y’s that join our family of CORE users.  So your members won’t need to be directed to a “third party” website to take part in your Y’s fundraising efforts, it will seamlessly be done through your Y.

Fundraising YMCA

Personal Campaigner Pages

Your members can set up their own customized personal campaigner pages to help share their story while they reach their goals.  Choose denominations, set a financial goal and split the donation into options so that the donor can choose how to direct their support. It’s easy to share and like most of CORE, it’s mobile friendly.

Fundraising for the YMCA

Text to Give

What a handy feature, this was added by request of our YMCA’s and our CORE users get to use it at no charge as well.  Drive mobile donations and make the process as easy as possible for those who give. Here is a sample setup so that you can see what it’s like? Try texting “downtown” to 706 675 7030 and give it a try.

Donor Engagement

We can’t stress the value of fundraising built into CORE membership management.  Not only can your YMCA watch how your fundraising efforts going, but you don’t need to import a list of donors back into your membership management platform. CORE knows who is giving and those donors have a badge that your front desk can see while checking in.  Sometimes the front desk may not get the word back to your directors so you can set up in CORE for your branch directors to receive a text when those larger donors enter your facility. 

"The customer service of Reclique/CORE has been superior. They are helpful, knowledgeable and have an almost immediate response time. Another benefit is that all staff has access to the support team through the ‘chat bubble’. CORE is user friendly for both staff and our members saving tons of time. Since the product was developed with a YMCA association, they truly understand our needs and have streamlined the process with a simple, clear, and efficient process. We are pleased with the people and the product."
Nancie DeCoursey