Let the CLOUD do the work for you

We play ball with all the technology you are already using

Let us know when a task is repetitive and takes a long time. We can often automate them or find an easier, faster way to accomplish them.

We live in a connected and automated world. You do not need to spend countless hours re-entering data from one system to another. 

Our General Philosophy

Our goal is to make your association more productive and efficient so your staff can focus on what important. We also understand that many associations use different tools to make their processes better. We provide all the connections to make this possible and new connections are always added at our client’s request. 

Available integrations


This is the building block of all connections! We offer API endpoints for other systems to pull data from Core programatically. For example, some associations use this to sync data between Core and external systems.

Raw Database Access

It’s your data; use it how you need to. If your association wants to have direct, raw access to the data for business analytics and automation purposes, not a problem. For example, you can connect CORE to Microsoft Power BI for greater business insight.


Zapier App Integration

Zapier is a powerful platform that allows you to connect multiple apps together. You can literally connect Core to more than 1,500 other apps. For example automating connections to Constant Contact, or getting a notification to your Microsoft Teams or Slack channel when something happens.

"The Reclique team really gets it! They take the time to understand the customer needs and their product is constantly evolving to meet those needs. They are hands on and on-site during the launch and still hands on a year later. The platform is user friendly and allows for new staff to quickly learn how to use it. I highly recommend CORE. It has changed the member experience in such a positive way. I have full confidence and trust in the Reclique team!"
Krystal McGee