Clouds and Outages

The Cloud YMCA

Service outages are no fun. Regardless of your software being hosted on-premises or on “the cloud,” Murphy strikes at one point or another. We are aware of this, and before we built Core we heard a lot of complaints about systems going down often. “The Cloud” is all the rage in the past years because it allows software companies to deploy updates rapidly. On-premises counterparts are often a headache to upgrade. On the other hand, on-premises software is usually not affected by extensive outages, so if an association system goes down, it does not affect anyone else. Some cloud services host several associations on the same instances, so when one goes down, many go down.

We did not want our associations to make any sacrifice; we think we are the best of both worlds. Our infrastructure provides every association with its own dedicated cloud. At the same time, we can deploy updates to all of our clients rapidly and as often as we need so everyone benefits from the new features. However, if we were to have an issue, it’s usually only limited to one association and the speed to resolution is among the fastest in the country. That’s a handy bit of information, because no one wants their quality of service tied to another user or association, yet the benefits of being on the cloud are worth the effort of getting you there.