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Meet CORE, the most affordable, full-featured, member management platform.  Get ready for a top notch experience with your staff and more importantly: Your Members. 

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Some companies start with a product; we started with the Y.

We met with and listened to every position in the Y, from the CEO to the front desk. We spent hours consulting the finance team and directors at every level, and days sitting at the front desk asking questions and watching their workflow. We spent time engaged with members to find out what they wanted and needed. Out of those discussions, CORE was born; we are now proudly serving associations across the country and adding more every month. As we listen to our customer’s needs, we continue making the necessary changes to ensure the Y can more effectively serve their community.

All of your association users have direct access to live support.

We are available to all the staff in your association for support and we take the time to show them how our software solutions can make their days more productive.  CORE works the best if your staff knows how to use it. 


Of course we are going to tell you we are awesome. But don't you want to hear it from real users?

“The YMCA of Greater Erie has been overly impressed with the Reclique team from the initial presentation through implementation.”

– Gerry Vandemerwe, CEO
YMCA of Greater Erie

“Core’s support is superb! Our CEO loves the dashboard in Core because it provides real-time data all on one screen and even on a mobile device”

– Carrie Morgan, CFO YMCA of Thomasville

“In my 14 years of experience with the YMCA, I have worked with various membership programs and this by far is the most user-friendly.”

– Bill Crowder, COO
YMCA of Greater Augusta


CORE is a robust solution for the Y that centralizes multiple products into one package.  These are just a few of them.

Fundraising is fully integrated with membership management.

You get text-to-give, mobile donations and customized campaigner pages. Directors can even receive a text when a large donor checks in.

A powerful website for your Association is built in.

CORE can integrate with your current website or we now offer a fully integrated, mobile friendly, Y branded website that can replace your existing site.

Our Sports Management Platform is also included with Core. 

You can create schedules, tournaments, send alerts  and even host multi-branch leagues. Everything you’d expect and more for handling your sports.

From the very beginning, we set a number of key values for ourselves. We keep on working on enhancement of the services we provide.